Because Students Are WORTH IT.

What is it? WORTH IT is an awareness and education program designed for students of all ages.
  • WORTH IT High school, addresses what trafficking looks like in our schools and communities. Students can change the exploitation and trafficking landscape and lead the way in creating a school culture of respect, value and worth.
  • WORTH IT Middle School Encourages students to build a community that values each other and covers student vulnerabilities in our school communities as well as safely navigating the issues that online interactions can bring.
  • WORTH IT Elementary Invites students to understand their own importance and choose to value others in their schools, neighborhoods and communities. This will develop habits that stand against grooming and future exploitation and create safe places where WORTH is understood and celebrated.

High/Middle School


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High School Students

A live multi-media presentation for middle and high schoolers about the problem and prevention of human trafficking, as they learn that the solution begins by believing that we are Worth It! This package includes a presentation for parents and school faculty, and student leaders to help them change the culture within their school.

Ideal for: high school students, caregivers, and teachers

Elementary & Middle School School

A version of Worth It geared towards elementary and middle school students which includes bonus curriculum for teachers to implement directly into their classrooms. This Includes 5 extra lessons of curriculum that can be adapted for either age group. 

Ideal for: elementary and middle school students, parents, and teachers

Both Worth It packages include school-wide parent access to Fierce Parenting. The speaking fee for both programs is a flat rate that covers all travel expenses throughout the country. Both versions of Worth It can be customized at a lower cost depending on your school's needs. To learn more about how to bring Worth It to your school, email [email protected].